11 Modern and Youthful Short Bob Haircuts For Women Over 50

Short bob haircuts for women over 50 range from ear to neck length, creating chic and timeless styles. Jay Yeung is a hair artist from Hong Kong who shares his notions and tips on this look.

“The biggest benefit of a bob is it can improve women’s sense of style, plus it makes them look and feel young,” says Yeung. And because most women keep their hair long, cutting your hair short will make you appear unique.

Yeung suggests that when choosing a cut, opt for the one that matches your hair color. It’ll add more movement and dimension to a bob cut. “A light-colored bob, for instance, will give you a visually young and fresh feeling,” he adds.

Planning to change your everyday look? Here is the photo collection of the trendy short bob haircuts for women over 50!

Short Sleek Asymmetrical Bob for Women Over Fifty





#1:Sleek Asymmetrical Bob

A sleek asymmetrical bob is such an easy haircut to style. Simply use a round brush when blow-drying to add volume. Then use a flat iron over any areas that need a little extra smoothing. You really can’t go wrong with this short, sleek, modern bob. It’s great for all hair types.

Tousled Short Bob Cut for Ladies 50 and Over

#2:Tousled Short Bob Cut

One of the best ways to enjoy a short cut is to switch up the styles. For example, from a smooth to a tousled bob. I suggest getting comfortable with a variety of tools to expand your styling range. This style can be achieved with a 1″-1 1/2″ curling wand or iron and wrapping in an alternating direction. Once the style has cooled down, you can rake through the curls for lived-in wear.

Short Auburn Bob with Short Layers and Bangs for 50-Year-Olds

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