Beautiful manicure with floral motifs: a great classic

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What is a beautiful manicure for you? Trendy design and cutting-edge color combination? Yes, definitely. But do not discount the classic manicure ideas. Flowers are the most traditional decoration for just about anything, and manicure designs are no exception. Despite the very beautiful manicure trends, such as rubbing and foil, which do not give up their positions and are incredibly popular, try to pay attention to floral motifs. They can be bright or, on the contrary, delicate pastel shades, classic or abstract – it doesn’t matter. Just let some colors into your image.
t is not necessary to accurately repeat the image of the buds in the applied drawings, although some of the works of nail art masters are truly a work of art. They reproduce the image so filigreely that you simply marvel at this jewelry work. But sometimes, a thin line sketch depicting a flower can emphasize the mood and add sophistication to a simple plain coating. The choice of drawing style depends on the skill of the master.



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